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(vocals, keyboards, acoustic and bass guitar)

Scott Bottomley is a Southern California native, born in Long Beach, raised in Lakewood, residing in Orange and no stranger to the Los Angeles and Orange County music scene. A veteran of numerous studio sessions, Scott had the rare opportunity to lay down tracks at IAM using Stevie Wonder's keyboard equipment.

In the '80s and '90s, Scott and his bands, under such monikers as Sahara Hands, Network and NuVijon, played several times a week at such local clubs as the venerable Troubadour, Madame Wong's and the Golden Bear. His bands have opened for such diverse acts as Tommy Two-Tone and Poison.

Scott's music roots begin at the age of 10 when his family was given an old piano from his aunt. It was an upright with every key out of tune except for the two that were broken. At 14, he and his brother went together on an electric guitar, but the standard sibling matter of sharing led to Scott getting his own by his 16th birthday. Scott has been performing publicly since 1982.

Excerpts below from the Yahoo article: Exclusive Interview with Etch: The Rise of the Indie Artist

Who are your musical influences and have they changed over the years?

"They haven't changed so much as been added to. I go back to the Beatles, Led Zep, Pink Floyd, U2, and forward to some of the current artists like John Mayer, Dave Matthews and Coldplay. All of them create some good music that I enjoy listening to."

How does an indie musician/band succeed today? Is there a magic formula?

"A wee bit of luck, a four-leaf clover, and hopefully some good music that enough people enjoy. Honestly, write from your heart and stay true to yourself. The rest is out of your control."

What are the advantages of being an indie musician?

"Freedom to write from your soul, without the contrived direction or restraints of a big label. Your music only needs to please yourself, and hopefully it will touch someone else."

We've been seeing a resurgence of '80s music in the last couple of years and both your albums have an '80s vibe. Why do you think '80s music is so popular?

"Music from the '80s, '70s and even the '60s was real. Less studio trickery. No Auto-Tune for the vocals. The artists wrote their songs and recorded what they wrote. It was a very pure process that created some lasting quality and enjoyment in the music that came from those times."

Your second album, "6 1/2 Hour Drive," was released in 2011. What have you guys been working on since its release? What's next for Etch?

"Writing some new songs. Working with Ian Miller, our producer, to take the next Etch project to a whole new level. Stay tuned. It's gonna be good."


Scott Bottomley (vocals, keyboards and bass guitar)
Al "Ancil" Palacio (electric and acoustic guitars)
Jeff Siciliani (acoustic and electronic drums)
Ian "The Tape Doctor" Miller (bass guitar and producer)



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